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When you work with Sunrise Roofing for your Raleigh area commercial roofing project, you can expect to be treated with professionalism. In addition to our roofers’ strong desire to provide a high level of customer satisfaction with every job, there are a number of other benefits to working with us.

At Sunrise Roofing, we have in-house insurance claim specialists and licensed insurance adjusters that will work with you during the entire claims process. This step ensures that you receive the compensation that you deserve, and that nothing is overlooked or left out of your claim. Submitting a complete claim in a timely manner will help make your roofing project go as smoothly as possible.

Filing insurance claims is never a fun task to undertake, but with the help of our specialists, the process can be less of a headache. Working with a dedicated insurance claim specialist can mean the difference between an incomplete and underfunded claim and one that is complete, comprehensive, and fair.

Unfortunately, many insurance companies and adjusters work to protect the bottom line, rather than putting their customers first. Because of this reality, many clients can become frustrated with the entire claim process. While this is understandable, it is vital to submit a claim that is accurate and complete the first time.

In-house insurance claim adjusters are just one more way that Sunrise Roofing goes above and beyond to meet and exceed their clients' expectations. If you want to work with a local Raleigh roofing company that works with the best manufacturers, hires and trains top roofers, and provides services from insurance claim specialists, give Sunrise Roofing a call today!

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